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Grab a drink, sit down, and join Beans on Cracker for a candid chat about anything! From sex, relationships, dating tips, to drinks, news, and movie reviews.

Nothing is off limits here at Beans on Cracker! Our goal is for our viewers/listeners to be informed about ALL things relating to sex, dating and relationships. When you watch, you are bound to catch us drinking and will see our regular segments: Sports Break, Legal Minute with Cracker, Product of the Week, and Pathetic Facebook Post.

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Host, Creative & Potty Mouth!

I used to be the ultimate bachelor, living the dream and not tied down to one person ...

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Studio Dog

Studio Dog

A pound puppy with a lot to say

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Host, Smart & Sexy

I am an Oregon girl, living in CA. I moved to CA for law school about 6 years ago ...

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